Are You Unlucky If You Never Win the Lottery?

Some people say that being born lucky is a bad luck. What they don’t say is that being born not lucky is also a bad luck. Have you ever heard that saying? Some people say that being born lucky is a bad luck. What they don’t say is that being born not lucky is also a bad luck. In fact, it’s the same with winning the lottery. Even though some people say it is luck, winning the lottery is still about 50% luck and 50% spassisted entry.

Hactics – Hocus-pocus

For the lottery like most things, there is a direct correlation between hard work and increased odds of success. In order to pick winning lottery numbers, you must analyze numbers, you must analyze lottery trends, and you must be highly diligent in maintaining a positive attitude. Once you blot out the luck from your game, you will need to play smart.

Origin of the Numbers

Numerous people play the lottery thinking that the lottery numbers are lucky. As a result, the lottery is often named as the “Lucky Game of Chance.” But, if you think deeper, you’ll find that the lottery is a game of statistical probability. The more you look into it, the more you will realize that the lottery is not “random” at all. It is predictable and it is easy to play.

Have You Actually Removed Luck from the Lotto?

The trick is not to expect to be able to pick the winning numbers by some mystical means unknown to you. It doesn’t happen, so… what’s the secret? Nowadays, you can already learn how to remove luck from the lotto. You can already do it with statistical analysis. Don’t you dare to contest any game of chance with your life, you silly donkey.

Removing Luck From the Lotto

The following is a method of removing luck from the lotto. This isn’t some bogus subscribe to impossible impossible ritual. It is a real, working method that people are using all over the world. Fortunately, even if you don’t intend to use it, you can’t escape the foreboding; you can’t say, ” Forget it, I already won,” because you will eventually lose. In the real world, you can’t say that stuff, but stuff like “You’ll eventually win,” like that, will eventually happen. Eventually everybody will lose.


In statistics, there are called percentages, and they are the predicted outcome of some event. The likelihood of some event happening is called its likelihood of happening. Now, you must not think that only about 10 people can make a decisive decision in odds that only one person can win the lotto. There are many factors that can alter that probability. But, you’re really not going to get into that because it’s obvious.


In real life, there are the familiar hands of blackjack. You can go to a casino for a hand, even you can’t see the dealer because there’s a screen to hide behind. In online blackjack, you can press a button to see the dealer. Now, the game is much the same, except that the hands are not visible to the player. The bet is made before the cards are dealt. You now have a choice to double your bet, right then, or leave the hand, unless the dealer has an ace or a 10, in which case you would also leave. Staying in the hand, even at 11, is the same as folding, unless you have a 9 and a 10. If you’re in the first hand and receive two cards, you can only draw one more card.

In online blackjack, because the cards are dealt out quickly, and you can see on the game screen what the dealer has, it’s much easier to know whether you have a winning hand, and whether you need to hold or fold.

Playing the Lottery

Even in a game as simple as the lottery, there’s a lot to know. You have to study the past winning numbers and try to unveil some pattern. If you can do that, you’ll probably win a prize. It’s better if you select the usual numbers of numbers 1 to 49 in your lottery instead of picking unique, higher numbers. Because unique, high-numbered numbers are less likely to come out, so you’d have a better chance of winning a prize.

Wise Numbers

Certain numbers have significant meanings in many cultures and religions. In Egypt, the number 3 has significant religious significance. The number 3 is also the number most likely to be multiplied by you turning into a rosy-colored ball. In Japanese culture, the number 7 is lucky. The number 7 indeed is lucky enough to attain shinto Samurai spirits. The number 22 is also lucky in the Chinese culture. It means fortune and clarity.