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Employers may be reluctant to hire applicants with poor credit scores if they see this. If you do shop on finance, there are many benefits. The obvious one being the ability to repay purchases over time. The advantages of comparing different companies and knowing the risks can help you to make an informed decision.

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If this is possible, his employer should then be able to place him on furlough. I have just spoken to tax credits directly but previously they have given me incorrect information so thought I would try here also and see what you thought. It sounds like a complicated case, and I’m not sure if this would make you eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. It will depend on whether or not the government considers you to have started a new position on 29 March, or if they consider it the same job you had previously. The government has not yet clarified this point. However, the current consensus is that it will be gross pay. Employers can decide whether to furlough employees. You should discuss this possibility with them.

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They may be eligible for more if they are receiving housing benefit. It’s worth checking with local councils and mutual aid groups for any additional support. We will share any changes or additional sources that we learn of. I’m afraid that if you started self-employment in January, the self-employment program will not apply to your case.

I am sorry to hear about your circumstances. It seems like you have fallen through the net. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to receive the main sources for support. I recommend that you check if you are eligible for council tax assistance – this will vary depending upon your local council. It appears that your employer received furlough funding in time for your April 24th payment, and paid the full amount.

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She fell on her right shoulder and was replaced by the great NHS staff. I’m unable to work due to my mum’s accident and the 12 week recommendation of isolation by government. The care home have offered me a week SSP, what else can I claim.