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Based on the information we collect the results of our research, we’ll develop an effective solution that eliminates the pests quickly and efficiently. We’re fortunate to live in a place where mouse and rat infestations are becoming more rare. Better hygiene standards and improved building quality ensure that we don’t need to take as a given that rodents will invade our homes and businesses. And RECENT so you know we’re not quite on the mark for our services. We include our GST tax invoice number with each review so you can be certain that our reviews are authentic. We have been awarded the title of BEST pest control Auckland five times, as well as once for the entire country of New Zealand.

Your home is your castle and a castle isn’t a place for pests. This is why at Walkers Pest Control we offer an residential service to rid your home of any unwanted pests. Tony Walker has been in this business for over 30 years and is highly regarded within the pest control circles. Click on our guide to follow our easy tips for preventing pests or to look at the various ways of pest control. Most importantly, the pest control experts in Auckland are efficient, friendly, and pleasant. They will provide you with advice on what you can do to eliminate them at your home or at work.

Pest Control

We are confident that you will be able to put your feet on the ground by the time we’re done. Ticks, fleas and lice like to ride on the hairs of rats. They often jump off and invade different areas of your home as soon as they can. We are an New Zealand company, run by Auckland born KIWI Owen Stobart. We are based in Birkenhead on the North Shore in Auckland.

We are now based in West Auckland, but we continue to provide services to the greater Auckland area. This extends as far north as Wainui and South to the northern part of Waikato. As as agriculture itself, farming pest control is the area we specialise in!

Wild Weta Pest Control continues its expansion as a business. The many hundreds of happy customers and supporters since 2012 bear witness to this. We are committed to our customers. We will do our best to meet their high standards and resolve any issues as fast as possible. Read more about pest control south Auckland here. Pest Control is an effective way to keep the bugs at bay. But if you’d really like to take advantage of that we can guide you to the best cleaning services in Auckland. You will get to deal with friendly and skilled experts.

We provide guaranteed pest control programs for South Auckland. Procare did an excellent job and the bugs have not returned to my home since. Chemical was sprayed outside the house, does not have a strong smell and lasts for about a year, which is fantastic.

Abolish The Pest Control

There’s no place for unwanted guests in your home so if you’re wanting to be secure and pest-free, contact us right now and let us take them away! We’re Go Pest, your reliable and trusted Auckland Pest Controllers. If the infestation is severe it is possible to schedule a follow-up visit at $172.50. Synthetic Pyrethroids won’t just kill insects when they come into contact with a surface that has been treated and also stop insects from entering your home. We will confirm an appointment when we arrive at your business or home.

Simply put, we offer dependable pest control services that you can count on. We can efficiently remove insect bites, stinging bugs and crawling insects from your property. Also our North Shore pest control exterminators can handle an infestation of mice which can expand beyond control. We have the expertise and equipment to offer dependable and high-quality service and you’ll be secure knowing you’re working the experts in pest control.

Our product is non-toxic, which means you don’t have to leave your house or office for the usual 4 hours that other pest control companies. Craig and his team have more than 10 years of expertise in eliminating pests. They know which products are best for each pest and which ones will be safest for you and your family. A 9-month guarantee is offered that no insects or rodents will disturb you in the period of time.

Is indoor pest control Safe?

The Safety of Indoor Pest Control Sprays

Baits for ants or roaches can be injected into cracks, or set in a known traffic pattern that they’ve established. Residue from these insecticides can be attractive to pets, and can be seen by people, so use with extreme caution around pets and children.

Integral Pest Management started in 2008 as an Auckland Based Pest Control Company. The company was mostly a caterer of domestic pest control on the North Shore, with a smaller clientele. Today we cater for an ever-growing base of loyal clients. We manage the Pest Management programs of several reliable NZ brands. We also ensure that their reputations protected by taking an active approach to any risk that could arise.