Tongariro Crossing In Winter

Our knowledgeable and caring Guides make your day as comfortable and fun as possible in landscapes that will captivate and amaze you. Turangi returns shuttle to the world-famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing. You can depart and return from any location in central Turangi. Locally owned and operated family business with the convenience of cultural insights & genuine local hospitality & drivers.

How many toilets does a Tongariro Crossing have?

There are three toilets along the crossing, one at each end (at the carparks) and one at soda springs, which is 1 hr in from the typically starting point. Only the toilets at the carparks have toilet paper so pack some tissues just in case.

In the summer, a walk around the lip of the crater is next, but this is too dangerous in winter. Nevertheless, walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in winter is still an unforgettable experience – well worth doing, stresses Sarah Cate. Expert guides such as those employed by Adventure Outdoors, understand the conditions and hazards on the mountain intimately and know what to do when conditions take a turn for worse. 55+ Years – One must maintain a good level of fitness to be able to make it through the rest of their lives. Adrift Tongariro have available for hire personal equipment, footwear and clothing to supplement that which you don’t have and need.

It’s an alpine environment, weather conditions are always changeable, and it can get really cold up top even during the warmer months. There’s about 100,000 people trekking this great walk every year — so some of the peak summer days are getting really, really busy. Like shopping mall at Christmas-time busy — standing around waiting for someone to move off the next step before you can walk on to it isn’t exactly a wilderness adventure. Adrift Outdoors or Adventure Outdoors can arrange guided tours during winter months. Stewart, my boss, picked me up the next day and we drove up Bruce Road to the Round the Mountain Track. Having already encountered them the previous day, they were nice enough to lend me some hiking boots, which I didn’t have, so that I could do the walk better.

Why is Emerald Lake green?

The vivid green color of the water is caused by powdered rock from the glaciers which reflects the blue-green spectrum of sunlight, the rock type and the amount of it in the water causes the color to vary from lake to lake and month to month, even week to week.

Next is the walk from Red Crater to Blue Lake. This area is stunning in summer but the natural beauty of the area is magnified in winter. The safest and best way to experience this incredible walk in winter is therefore to join an expertly-guided expedition. This all changes when the winter snows arrive. Walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in winter is a very different experience and requires special skills, equipment and preparation. They look like alpine lakes, though they are a bit brighter than the ones you might be used to seeing, but they are actually explosion craters filled with water.

They gave us a bagged lunch but then we had to carry it ourselves. My guide did not provide much information about the area’s geology or history. Everyone split up once we reached the top of the crossing. As far as I could see, the guide was ahead of me so it wouldn’t have been hard for her to recognize that I needed help. If you’re a well-prepared, competent winter alpine tramper, it can be a fantastic experience. You don’t need to be an expert in alpine travel if you aren’t ready.

Use a mountain guide or leave the Tongariro Crossing for summer. One man using rocks to cut steps was one of three tourists helped off an icy alpine crossing. So I asked if I could postpone the sunset walk then, to the next day, and thankfully they said okay.

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We have an amazing community full of fun locals, accommodation, bars and restaurants. Experience New Zealand’s Best one day walk – Guided with Adventure Outdoors Tongariro Guiding. Small groups, exceptional guides, Door-to-door service from National Park Village This is a good idea for summer, as the weather can change quickly no matter what season. Layering your clothing is the best way to keep warm in winter. Generally speaking a guide can also arrange your transport – but be sure to check.

  • If the weather is marginal we will give you the right to cancel or change dates If you decide to cancel in this case a full refund will be given.
  • It is important to be cautious when trekking on the Tongariro in winter, as it is susceptible to extreme weather conditions like snow and high winds.
  • Ketetahi Park & Ride shuttles & transfers are the best and most affordable.

Find out more about hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing The track is a one way 19.4km hike that takes 7-8 hours . It ends at Ketetahi Road End. Shuttles are the best way to get to track’s start. Read more about Tongariro National Park here. You can arrange transport through the Taupo i-SITEor Turangi i-SITEor see the list of operators below. It is important to take care of your gear and equipment with the expectation that you will encounter the coldest conditions on your walks.