What are the most original variations of roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance that has been part of the entertainment of people for more than 300 years or so. It’s a simple operation, statistics to create strategies and the inevitable dependence on chance, is a combination that made it one of the most played games in all the casinos around the entire planet. From then until today, there are many changes that have suffered the original roulette, which can be distinguished mainly the two types of roulette that are played more in casinos, such as European or French roulette and American roulette.

However, some creative minds love to find ways to put together the best of two or more things to produce something unique and liked by people. The developers of game software do not escape this; because they are the ones who use it most to innovate and create new games that include people’s favorites. Such is the case of the three mergers of roulette with other casino games that will be described in the following article, which undoubtedly make everything more exciting and interesting.

Pinball Roulette

The idea of ​​roulette is to choose a number among the 37 squares that make up the wheel, which range from 0 to 36, and which is then expected to be the one that comes out after spinning the ball and it stops in a square randomly. Taking this as a basis, the developer Playtech created pinball roulette, which is an alloy between classic French roulette and pinball, the mechanism of which is the one that generates the numbers at random. In this way, once the bets have been placed on the roulette screen, everything is in charge of the pinball.

In this sense, the piston ejects the ball in the main areas, which sticks on the bars and changes its direction repeatedly, thus randomness will be guaranteed. Also, in the part below is a strip of wells that have the numbers corresponding to the roulette marked; these follow the same order as traditional roulette, with the difference that they are arranged horizontally instead of forming a circle. This strip is in constant movement so that at some point the ball will fall into one of the boats, the number of which will be called and paid in the usual way.

Roulette Double Bonus Spin and three-wheel roulette

These two super original roulette variations were created by Wager Works. This company wanted to include in one of them the free spins that are usually seen in slot machines, which generated the name of the game: double bonus roulette. In this way, while the players of the online slot machines receive the bonus of the free spins when the symbols that specify it are aligned in the cylinders; in the Double Bonus Spin spinner the free spins will be activated when the ball falls into a yellow well arranged in the wheel, therefore, it will not be necessary to make an extra bet. Also, around the wheel, there is a pair of blue lights that spin independently and stand next to two numbers. In case one of them has a bet, the player will earn the common payments.

On the other hand, the three-wheel roulette includes the idea of the multi-hand game that is applied in poker. There the players have the opportunity to bet in several games to start, but these will be evaluated individually in the payment panel. In this way, as its name indicates, the three wheels that make up the spinner rotate at the same time centrally but autonomously.

The bets are the same for all the wheels and are available in the usual design. In the same way, there is a group of wells in common valid for the three wheels. Thus, the ball will fall into one of them and the wheels will stop one after the other. The numbers that will be called as winners will be the three that turn out to be in line with the well, and each one of the bets that are in any of the numbers will be paid. Additionally, payment is given as a bonus of one thousand if one of the numbers called on the three wheels is 0.